Certified Peer Support Specialist

Job summary
The Certified Peer Support Specialist will work 20 hours per week with the objective of providing peer support and mentorship to individuals targeted to participate in the HSSP. The HSSP is a behavioral health treatment team providing setting-flexible (most often in-home) treatment to current or formerly chronically homeless individuals with mental illness and/or substance use disorders to help stabilize in housing. This team is a collaboration of The Road Home, Volunteers of America, and 4th Street Clinic, with staff from each agency working as a cohesive, multi-disciplinary team.
Duties and responsibilities
 Visit recently housed program participants in their homes or other settings, and provide support for them as they stabilize in housing.
 Serve as a peer mentor to individuals and groups. Offer a positive example of a person with lived experience who has been successful at managing his/her own recovery from mental health and/or substance use disorders.
 Assist clients with paperwork, scheduling appointments with Housing Coordination staff, Housing Authorities, Property Managers and other entities.
 Participate in clinical staffing meetings and coordinate with clinical staff to develop and implement individualized treatment plans.
 Increase awareness of and support client participation in consumer self-help and advocacy organizations.
 Assist clients in identifying and engaging/re-engaging with family, friends, and other natural supports.
 Provide ongoing assessment, problem solving, side-by-side services, skill teaching, support, and environmental adaptations to assist clients with activities of daily living.
 Use agency vehicles to provide transportation for clients.

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