CSW Volunteer: Perinatal Mortality Review Committee

The UT Dept of Health Perinatal Mortality Review Committee is seeking a clinical social worker who has expertise in perinatal mood disorders to sit on its committee.  This committee has been doing infant and maternal mortality reviews for 20 years, and meets monthly (in reality, about 10 times per year) on the U campus, for a meeting of two hours’ duration.

We need someone with experience in working with pregnant and postpartum populations to offer opinions and suggestions for ways we might help in efforts to identify and decrease maternal mood disorders, since we are seeing mental and emotional health issues more and more in these young populations (accompanied of course by substance issues also).

Unfortunately we aren’t able to offer compensation, but one gets to sit in with a group of clinical colleagues who are dedicated and passionate about this work, which is geared toward improving quality of care and outcomes for our childbearing women.

Please pass this on to any colleagues whom you consider to be qualified.

Thanks so much,


Deborah M. Ellis, MS, CNM

Perinatal Mortality Review Coordinator

Utah Department of Health

Maternal and Infant Health Program

email   dmellis@utah.gov

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