Role Description



The supervisor will meet weekly with the BHA to discuss work schedule/intervention strategies

  • Primary Supervisor: School Psychologist, Social Worker, or Counselor
  • Secondary Supervisor: Special Education Teacher or Administrator

Target Students:

All students who receive BHA support services will be identified by the school multi-disciplinary team.

  • Primary Cases: students with current IEP’s that include behavioral/emotional goals
  • Secondary Cases: students who are not currently receiving special education services, but exhibit significant behavioral/emotional problems and may be considered for special education evaluation
  • Tertiary Cases: students who are exhibiting significant behavioral/emotional problems, but have not been referred for special education services

Service Location:

All support services from the BHA will occur in the regular education classroom setting or in a transition setting such as the playground, cafeteria, hallway, etc.

Support Services:

The following support services may be provided to individual students or in small groups (2-4 students) within the aforementioned settings:

  • Implementation of behavioral/emotional IEP goals and interventions
  • Behavioral contract tracking, implementation, or reinforcement
  • General behavior tracking including observations and data collection

Miscellaneous Information:

  • BHA will work 15 hours/week
  • Pay is per hours worked with no lunch included
  • A ten minute break is earned after 2.5 hours of continuous work
  • No sick pay or additional benefits are offered
  • Pay is $5000 for school year


If you are interested in this position please send a resume to Teri Ann Cooper at

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