Life Coach

My daughter Julia would like companionship and a listening ear, help with errands and chores, and someone to do stuff with. Would this be suitable for you?  She is 25 years old and quite high functioning even though she has some learning disabilities.  She lives about 3300 South on 1300 east.  UTA 213 and UTA 220 go right there.

How many days are you thinking about working?  Work one, two or three days a week.  I am budgeted for $40 per day and pay $10 per hour. We like to keep coaches for several months and not just be a hopping off point for another position. It is the coach’s responsibility to find low cost or no cost things to do as I don’t have money to pay for activities.

Each week the coach sends me an Activity Log with DATE, HOURS WORKED and primary activities.  At the end of the month, they send me a TALLY of all the hours and I send a check.

What do you think?  Life Coaches usually work from 2:45 to 6:45.

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