STUDENT ACTIVIST COORDINATORS are experienced organizers responsible for implementing and leading Amnesty International USA’s student and youth activism in their assigned states and across the country. The SAC program is a multi-year leadership development program with progressive skill development, responsibilities and opportunities related to movement building and human rights campaigning. SACs develop the leadership of Student Group Coordinators through one-on-one meetings and facilitating leadership training, and connect them to other state, regional and national staff and member leaders. In their assigned areas, SACs recruit new school groups, educate and mobilize people around campaign opportunities, support Amnesty members to be aware of policy-related issues, and act as a spokesperson for AI where appropriate. SACs are supervised and supported by the AIUSA Field Organizers and work closely with other volunteer leaders in their state. They represent youth activists in their state and work closely with the National Youth Action Committee.

Leadership for Human Rights
 As part of a state leadership team, actively participate in planning and implementing local, state, regional and national meetings, trainings, conferences and other organizing initiatives.
 Stay up to date and educated on Amnesty International and general human rights issues, campaigns, policies and current events.
 Develop mobilization and growth strategies for area and state in consultation with Field Organizer and state leadership team.
 Take part in regional and national consultations and planning.
 Build relationships with local partners on key human rights issues.
 As part of the regional SAC team, actively participate in team meetings by sharing challenges and tips, and help onboard, support, mentor, and train other SACs as needed.

Develop and Support Student Group Coordinators
 Support student groups to understand and carry out AIUSA’s mission including campaigning, issue education, membership recruitment, leadership development and fundraising.
 Train group coordinators through regular (at least bi-weekly) one-on-one meetings and organize online and in-person training for assigned groups.
 Provide regular (minimum of monthly) reporting on group activities, interests and needs to Field Organizer.
 Support groups to stay informed about AIUSA priorities, help them set and reach goals, and mobilize them around AIUSA priority campaigns.
 Facilitate new group coordinator orientations.
 Lead at least one lobby delegation per year and organize groups to participate in lobby weeks.

Grow the Human Rights Movement
 Identify areas for growth and establish new AIUSA student groups (exact number to be determined with Field Organizer).
 Identify opportunities for local partnership on relevant human rights campaigns.
 Coordinate special events such as rallies, lobby visits, fundraisers, tabling, etc. with local activists.
 Recruit upcoming leaders into group coordinator and Student Activist Coordinator roles.

SACs are provided with ongoing training, and will have opportunities to take on increasing levels of responsibility at the state, regional, and national level. In the second year, SACs develop skills particular to workshop design, training and facilitation, in addition to other roles as opportunities and needs arise. While maintaining the above areas, second year SACs assume the following responsibilities:
 Mentorship and guidance for incoming first year SACs.
 Onboarding and training for SACs that begin mid-year.
 Develop and facilitate summer leadership training for first-year SACs and city/state meeting and trainings.
 Take part in selection process for incoming first year SACs.

 Experience with activism or organizing around human rights or other issues.
 Experience working with volunteers and in groups.
 Ability to take initiative, develop creative solutions to challenges, and excel in the face of uncertainty.
 Comfort with public speaking and representing AI publicly.
 Ability to travel as needed in coverage area, which will be established with Field Organizer based on need and capacity (approved travel expenses are reimbursed).

 15-20 hours per month; must be available in part during weekday business hours.
 Minimum of 12-month commitment with opportunity to renew for additional terms of service.
 Attend AIUSA’s summer leadership training.
 Participate in AIUSA’s regional and/or national conference.
 Participate in AIUSA’s key campaign and programmatic actions, including legislative advocacy and Write for Rights.
 Maintain ongoing communication with the Field Organizer, including at least monthly one-on-one meetings.
 Become an official dues-paying member of AIUSA ($15/year).

Interested candidates apply for one-year terms with the opportunity to continue for subsequent years. The selection process includes the following:
1. Submit a completed application and resume to the Field Organizer for applicant’s state.
2. Interview with Field Organizer and current Student Activist Coordinator.

If selected, SACs take part in an extensive multi-day leadership training during the summer as well as an orientation with Field Organizer and other member leaders in their state.
To apply, download the application here and return with a current resume to Sara Schmidt,

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