Licensed Substance Abuse Counselor (SUDC, CSW, LCSW)



Job Description

POSITIION TITLE:              Licensed Substance Abuse Counselor (SUDC, CSW, LCSW)

REPORTS TO:                      Clinical Director

SUMMARY:                        Administers screenings, gathers assessment information, completes the administrative intake process with client, and provides individual / group alcohol and drug counseling at an outpatient alcohol and drug treatment center.  Must provide and maintain an L.S.A.C. or C.S.A.C. or higher level licensure (CSW, LCSW) while employed.

Salary                                    $47,250 (Negotiate with LCSW)


  1. Administers standardized screenings to individuals seeking alcohol and drug treatment both in the program as well as other institutions.


  1. Assists with the assessment/evaluation gathering and treatment planning process (establish agreed upon immediate and long term goals), in collaboration with the multi-disciplinary team.


  1. Provides psycho-educational alcohol and drug groups to enrolled clientele.


  1. Monitors patient care through case management principles; provides appropriate crisis intervention.


  1. Consults with clinical personnel and other professional client treatment service providers regarding patient care.


  1.  Providing substance abuse counseling services to alcohol and drug abuse clients and significant other persons in the client’s life as part of a comprehensive treatment plan. Provides therapeutic support to patient and their families.
  1. Engaging in one-on-one interventions and interactions coordinated and directly supervised by a mental health therapist.


  1. Developing and providing effective reporting and recordkeeping procedures and services, which include charting the results of the assessment and treatment plan, writing reports, progress notes, discharge summaries, and other client-related data.  Documentation will be in accordance with substance abuse and mental health standards.


  1. Monitors client care through case management principles. Ensures all phases of case management are followed through as deemed necessary: direct referral, documentation, collaboration, consultation, and professional correspondence, etc.


  1.  Acts as liaison between programs, departments, and other agencies relating to the ASAP program.


  1.  Maintains professional ethical relationships with clients, staff, and general population.  Maintains CONFIDENTIALITY in accordance with CFR 42 Part 2, HIPAA, and Privacy Act.


  1. Performs other duties as assigned by supervisor.


MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:  MUST BE LICENSED, NO EXCEPTIONS.  An Associate’s degree in Chemical Dependency, Behavioral Health, Counseling or related field.  Valid State Certified Substance Abuse Counselor or Licensed Substance Abuse Counselor credentials or higher level licensure (CSW, LCSW).  Two years experience working with American Indian people.  Two years experience working in the Substance Abuse field.  Valid Utah driver’s license.

JOB REQUIREMENT:  Submit a clean U.A. upon acceptance of position and randomly thereafter.  Maintain a valid State Certified Substance Abuse Counselor or Licensed Substance Abuse Counselor or higher level licensure (CSW, LCSW) credential. Maintain a valid Utah Driver’s License during employment. Knowledgeable and proficient with Microsoft software applications.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS:  Positive public relation skills: verbal, nonverbal, and written. Knowledge of Ute customs and culture.  Tribal preference exercised to qualified tribal members.

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