Suicide Prevention Program Manager

Responsibilities listed below:


1.       Be on-site at the State/territory Joint Forces Headquarters (JFHQ’s) to provide daily assignments

2.       Work directly with (but not under the supervision of) the state R2SP Council and partner agencies as well as the Adjutant General. (R2SP = Risk Reduction Suicide Prevention)

3.       Perform program functions such as writing, assisting instructors, and performing analysis of data and trends.

4.       May travel to various conferences and meetings to support the Suicide Prevention (SP) mission.

5.       Participate in training activities, including delivering training and presentations and handling registration for training courses in the implementation of the SP program.

6.       Assist in the direction, coordination, improvement and overall operation of the SP mission.

7.       Work under the direct supervision of a regional supervisor

8.       Provide reports, insights and suggestions for SP program improvement, and performance measures to the regional supervisor.

To apply:

Contact Haven Hoilett at

Cell: 215-668-1769

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