Resource and Volunteer Coordinator at the Asian Association

Salary: $15600 + Paid Health & Dental + Ed award
Job Description: Resource and Volunteer Coordinator Full Time – The Refugee & Immigrant Center at Asian Association of Utah seeks one full-time AmeriCorps member to fill the position of Resource and Volunteer Coordinator.

The AmeriCorps Resource and Volunteer Coordinator position involves the member seeking out, maintaining and distributing in-kind donations to refugees and immigrants in need due to lack of financial resources. The member will work closely with a multitude of donor agencies throughout the Salt Lake area, especially Deseret Industries Storehouse and Manufacturing, in order to sustain a constant flow of resources and manage its allocation to the necessary individuals and families. The member in this position will recruit and coordinate volunteers in order to enhance the efficiency of the program during collection and delivery time of said resources. The Resource and Volunteer Coordinator will also collaborate with the Refugee Services Program case managers and job developers to determine and foresee unique needs of the population served and establish connections with their clients. This position is not being performed by other staff and does not replace or displace current staff. The Refugee Services Director will supervise this member.

Preference will be given to applicants that have a degree. A High School diploma is required.
There is a yearly living allowance is $15,600 to be distributed twice a month over the course of a year. Health and Dental Care (subject to eligibility).
This is a Full time contract/commitment position of 1720 hours M-F 8:30 – 5:30.

Upon Successful completion of the 1720 hours & satisfactory fulfilment of your one year contract you would be eligible for an Education award of $5645 in which you may use to either further your education or pay on previously accrued student loans.
Position to start Oct. 1, 2013. Contract term runs Oct. 1, 2013 – Sept. 30, 2014

****Please do not contact the agency directly*****

Location: SLC
Status: FT – Hiring – OPEN


How to Apply: Serious Candidates – Email your resume in a Word Document or PDF file.
To: Subject: AAU- FT


Contact Name: AmeriCorps MVP Program Manager
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