Executive Director

Utah Health Policy Project


Salary: $60,000
Job Description: Position Purpose:
The Executive Director of Utah Health Policy Project (UHPP) has responsibility for statewide operation of the agency, its relationships with community partners, national organizations of similar missions, state and federal government. The Executive Director will demonstrate entrepreneurial and leadership capabilities, including strategic planning, financial planning, organizational and volunteer development, policy advocacy, research, fundraising, and public relations.

Utah Health Policy Project Mission: To create quality, affordable, comprehensive health care coverage for all people in Utah through research, policy development, education, and community engagement activities.

Position Responsibilities:
Leadership: Ability to provide and communicate a strategic vision; responsible for guiding the activities of UHPP, creating a productive work environment for staff.

Planning and Evaluation: Responsible for development of UHPP activities with input from stakeholders, ability to identify and utilize new opportunities that promote the mission and work of UHPP.

Board of Trustees: Ability to develop and engage a knowledgeable Board of Trustees in meaningful support of UHPP, fundraising efforts and policy advocacy.

Staff Leadership/Supervision: Ability to recruit, select, mentor and retain a capable staff and volunteer corps; provide an open and productive environment; share information, value staff efforts and delegate responsibility effectively.

Financial Leadership: Ability to manage the organization financially, including use of business plans, budgets, monitoring and reporting tools for communicating to staff and Board of Trustees.

Community and Media Relations: Ability to communicate clearly and extemporaneously on health care issues to media, legislators, grantors, community groups and individuals; supervision of outreach and communication employees.

Development: Responsible for setting income and fundraising goals to maintain operating resources for UHPP through a development plan including grants, events, major gifts, annual giving, and training and support for board, staff and volunteers.

Policy Advocacy: Responsible for the development of policy initiatives, position statements, and other activities related to state and federal government, with goal of promoting effective implementation of health reform and other health system changes.

Reports to: The Board of Trustees
Budget: $420,000 in 2012
Supervises: 4 staff

Qualifications: Must demonstrate competence in all of the following.
• Leadership: Positively influence others, establish and maintain positive working relationships, both internally and externally.
• Problem Solving and Decision-Making: Assess situations to determine importance, urgency and risk; make clear, timely decisions that are in the best interest of the organization.
• Strategic Planning: Assess data and determine options and actions based on numerous factors, including state and federal legislation, community partnerships, and current organizational resources.
• Budget/Financial: Knowledge and experience of working with budgets and reporting tools; experience with fundraising, obtaining grants.
• Effective Communication: Speak, listen and write in a clear, thorough and timely manner.
• Adaptability: Demonstrate a willingness to be flexible in changing work and legislative environments while maintaining effectiveness.
• Relationships: Ability to maintain working relationships, open communication with staff, community members, partners, legislators, and Board of Trustees. Sensitivity to individuals impacted by health system changes.

Required Work Experience
Minimum of ten years related work experience, including progressive management, and personnel management experience. Must be knowledgeable of current state and federal health policy, Medicaid, private and private insurance. Must have experience with the legislative process, program planning, and nonprofit or government management

Location: Salt Lake City
Status: At Will


How to Apply: Please send cover letter, references and resume or CV to:
Jennifer Pathak
Chair of the Board of Trustees
Utah Health Policy Project
Closing Date: Until Filled
Your Website: Visit organizational website.

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Contact Name: Jennifer Pathak
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