Certified Case Manager Clubhouse Generalist

Job Title Job# 65-a: Part-time Certified Case Manager Clubhouse Generalist

Location Alliance House Clubhouse – 1724 South Main, SLC, UT 84115

Qualifications 3 or more years of related experience and/or education in the fields of social work, education, community mental health, psychology, sociology or other related fields. Clubhouse, vocational rehabilitation, and supported employment experience preferred. Must be an energetic individual with the ability to motivate adults with serious and persistent mental illness (SPMI) whose goal is to increase skills in order to find and maintain employment.

Responsibilities Work at Alliance House, a Clubhouse-model rehabilitation program where staff and Clubhouse members work side-by-side. Provide psycho-social education and case management services for Clubhouse members with a goal to work toward increasing skills necessary to find and keep employment and working toward obtaining a High School diploma, or GED. Minimal evening and weekend hours required. This position is working primarily in the career development unit. Visit the Clubhouse website at www.alliancehouse.org and iccd.org to learn more about the Clubhouse model. Equal Opportunity Employer.


Status: Part-Time

Job Pay Rate $12.28/hr. or more based on experience

Benefited No

Position Closes 6/5/2013. MUST apply online at www.vmh.com and select Job# 65-a under the Careers section of the website.

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