Community Learning Center Coordinator – Kearns Junior High

Community Learning Center Coordinator – Kearns Junior High

United Way of Salt Lake


Salary: $38,000-$46,000
Job Description: Reports to: Vice President, Collective Impact (UWSL)
Principal, Kearns Junior High (Granite School District)


For over 100 years, United Way of Salt Lake has served and strengthened the greater Salt Lake community. Established in 1904 as the Salt Lake Charity Association, its original mission was to help the poor, discourage panhandling, and coordinate the multiple programs serving the needy. During the past century, United Way of Salt Lake has changed as the community has changed.
Today, United Way of Salt Lake serves individuals and families in Davis, Salt Lake, Summit and Tooele counties. This four-county area represents approximately 1.4 million people or about 52% of Utah’s population. United Way of Salt Lake also houses United Way 2-1-1, a statewide health and human service information phone line, which connects individuals and families to important resources and volunteer opportunities. United Way of Salt Lake is working collaboratively in new and innovative ways to change lives and build stronger communities. By bringing the right partners together to set goals, share data, track results, and align programs, United Way will not just help one child beat the odds, but change the odds for entire communities.
To change the odds, we focus on advancing the education, income stability, and health of our neighborhoods and communities. These are the building blocks for a good life—a quality education that leads to a stable job, enough income to support a family through retirement, and good health. Our goal is to create self-reliance by ensuring that every child succeeds, every step of the way, from cradle to career.
United Way of Salt Lake’s promise is to create opportunities so that all children and families, regardless of their circumstances, have the same chances to succeed in school and life. The long-term effects benefit all of us.
UWSL’s work environment is fast-paced, friendly, committed, nonpartisan, and ever-changing. Employees are dedicated, appreciated and recognized for their efforts, and all levels of management are engaged in the work daily. We offer competitive wages and a generous, comprehensive benefit package. The internal focus continues to be on high level results – communicating, aligning and integrating around the organizational goals.

Responsible for continued development, implementation, and management of the Community Learning Center. Coordinate activities, programs, and services implemented to meet the needs of students and families in the partner school/district.

A Community Learning Center (CLC) is a philosophy, a place and a set of partnerships between a school and other community resources. Resources are provided to students and families to empower and support parents to be engaged in the education of their children while also addressing barriers to student success in school. The integrated focus on academics, services, supports, and opportunities leads to improved student learning, stronger families, and healthier communities. The CLC Coordinator is charged with staffing the community learning center’s work, managing community partnerships, and integrating them with school academic and support services. The CLC Coordinator reaches out to and engages family members and the community in the school/center. This individual guides planning, based on data, needs, and resource assessments, and facilitates the provision and use of comprehensive services and activities identified as needed at a specific school site. Working with a school and Leadership Team, the Coordinator facilitates activities within four interlocking community learning center practices, as described below: engage, comprehend, coordinate and sustain.
1. Implement a menu of needs-driven, high-quality programs and services in adherence with the community learning center model, including but not limited to early childhood programs, expanded learning and enrichment opportunities, health services, parent/family engagement, adult education, and interventions targeted to chronically absent students.

2. Ensure the alignment and integration of all programming with the principal’s vision and school-day curriculum to the fullest extent possible.

3. Advise the principal on how to integrate partners and community members into school governance structures (i.e., School Leadership, School Safety, Child Study and Attendance teams).

4. Coordinate needs and resource assessment activities on an ongoing basis, employing a variety of strategies and including a broad cross-section of stakeholders.

5. Work in partnership with school principal, staff, and teachers to implement CLC model.

6. Work in partnership with Promise Kearns, Granite School District, as well as other partners.

7. Organize and staff CLC Leadership Team, comprised of school administrators, school improvement team members, students, community representatives, and all extended service partners to coordinate service delivery at the school.

8. Complete a school/community needs assessment, getting input from students, teachers, parents, school staff, and community members regarding needed programs and services.

9. Develop, maintain, and nurture relationships with the school administration to operationalize the partnership.

10. Develop a CLC Action Plan for identifying, recruiting and coordinating extended services at the school. Plan must address the six domains of support (Youth Development, Health, Mental Health, Family Support, Education and Community Engagement) and be guided by the needs assessment and resources survey.

11. Implement approved action plan by establishing partnerships, co-locating resources (within the schools), and connecting families and community residents to those resources.

12. Assures that hours of operation and supervision in the school fulfill the basic principles of the Community Learning Center strategy: extended hours, extended relationships, and extended services.

13. Represents the partner school/district in community meetings and events.

14. Participates in training and technical assistance activities offered by United Way, the school district, and other stakeholders.

15. Assist in collecting, evaluating, and reporting out on outcomes data of Community Learning Center strategies and programs.

16. Utilize data to help facilitate conversations with school staff, community partners, and the Leadership Team; develop interventions using evidence-based strategies.

17. Engage community members in an open and ongoing discussion of unfulfilled service and opportunity needs, and responsibilities. These discussions should lead to stronger school-community ties and to the further extension of school based services and opportunities. Community outreach efforts, particularly meetings, should be recorded.

18. Community Learning Center Coordinator may be responsible for other work as indicated by the Leadership Team. Center Coordinator may also be asked to represent the Community Learning Center publicly, reporting on program successes and outcomes.

Qualified candidates will possess and/or be able to develop the following knowledge, skills, and abilities:

A. Knowledge: A clear and comprehensive understanding of, and ability to communicate about:
• School operations and community organizations
• UWSL’s vision, purpose, objectives, roles, and “theory of change” (i.e. what we believe will make us successful in achieving our vision)
• The principles of collective impact (see “Collective Impact,” Kramer and Kania; Stanford Social Innovation Review, Winter 2011)
• Kearns Junior High and Kearns community (including assets, challenges, people, organizations, existing programs and services, etc.)
• Public, private, non-profit systems
• Diverse populations, including students, faculty, administration, and community groups
• How individuals, organizations, and communities change
• Group process, dynamics, and operations

B. Skills: Advanced skills in the following:

• Meeting facilitation
• Presentation
• Communication
• Follow through
• Coalition-building
• Multi-tasking
• Risk-taking
• Consensus-building
• Data collection, use, and interpretation
• Simplification of complex information

C. Abilities: Strong capacity in the following areas:

• Adaptive leadership
• Active listening
• Relate to youth, parents, staff, educators and the community in general
• Creativity
• Solution-oriented mindset
• Strategic thinking
• People person
• Working collaboratively in a team
• Patience
• Capacity for decision making
• Inspire and motivate others
• Visionary
• Willing to learn
• Optimistic realist
• Flexibility
• Emotional intelligence
• Observe, interpret, intervene in the moment
• Prioritization
• Humility
• Apply lessons learned to situations
• Do work without waiting for others
• Bilingual in Spanish (preferred)


1. Bachelor’s Degree in a relevant field (i.e. Social Science, Humanities, etc.)
2. Two years’ experience working in a community-related field.

Location: Kearns Junior High – Granite School District
Status: Full Time


How to Apply: Interested applicants should submit a cover letter, resume, and employment application.
Employment applications can be found at
Closing Date: 02/22/2013
Your Website: Visit organizational website.


Contact Name: Stacey Earle
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