Salt Lake Residenial Direct Support Professionals

Salt Lake Residential Direct Support Professionals TURN Community Services


Salary: 8.00
Job Description: Do you want to help others and have fun, along side other dedicated staff, to TURN Dreams into Reality for adults with Intellectual Disabilities?
TURN Community Services is a private Non-Profit provider dedicated to TURNing dreams into reality for people with disabilities and those who serve them.TURN assists and supports a variety of individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Due to the wide range of abilities, the residential programs are each unique and serve the needs of the individuals that reside there. As a result, staff may be providing assistance and/or training in: personal hygiene and self-care, cooking and cleaning skills, budgeting and account reconciliations skills, communication and social skills, community interactions, recreation and leisure time etc.

Residential Programs:
1. Mon, Tues, Friday 3-9pm, Sat 2-9pm, Sun 9-3pm No experience required – (Holladay)

2. Weds, Thurs 3-10pm, Friday 3-9pm, Sat & Sun 10am-5pm. No experience required – (Midvale)

3. Wednesday 3-10:30pm, Thurs 3-10pm, Fri Noon-6pm, Sat 9-9pm, Sun 2:30-9pm. This position requires experience in this area. (South SL)

Valid Drivers License, and for some programs a vehicle and car insurance required.

All new hires must pass a criminal background check through Health and Human Services, Department of Licensing.

All 3 are Full Time Positions. Full Time positions (30hrs+) are benefitted: Medical, dental, 401K, paid holiday, domestic partner.

Location: Salt Lake City
Status: Full


How to Apply: Application emailed to you:
Do not mail applications. Please deliver application to 423 West, 800 South, Suite A200, Salt Lake City, Utah
Your Website: Visit organizational website.


Contact Name: Kerry

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