Utahns Against Hunger Internships

Utahns Against Hunger Internships

(available during the 2012-2013 school year)

Utahns Against Hunger: Creating the political and public will to end hunger in Utah

Utahns Against Hunger (UAH) works with a variety of state agencies that administer federal nutrition programs to ensure that the policies and procedures they implement do not create participation barriers for low-income families.  UAH also works during the state legislative session to ensure that program budgets are protected as well as working on legislation that has an impact on low-income Utahns.  UAH works to increase food access and awareness of food insecurity through Real Food Rising – a community farming and youth development program.  More info at www.uah.org

Internship opportunities include:

Public Policy Intern:   Work with UAH to assess the direct certification practices of school districts state-wide.  School districts are required to send families who receive food stamp benefits but who are not enrolled in free school meals a letter informing them that their children are eligible to receive their meals for free.  While school districts are required to do this once a year, improvements that could be made to this process.  UAH does not know how districts are fulfilling this requirement and we are interested in understanding how school districts are informing families, how frequently they are doing it and what kind of follow-up is happening.

State Legislative Intern:  UAH works with state legislators, legislatives staff and other advocates during the state legislative session to ensure that low-income programs are enhanced and/or protected from potentially bad legislation. Activities include attending legislative budget and bill hearing, party caucus meetings, and weekly advocate meetings.  The Utah Legislative session runs from mid-January through early March. (This internship position is available every year.)

Real Food Rising Summer Crew Leader:  Real Food Rising hires a few summer crew leaders to lead high schoolers through the Summer Youth Program.  Crew Leaders lead youth on the farm, in soup kitchens, and through educational workshops.  No farm experience necessary – just experience working with youth and a willingness to learn and work outside. (This internship position is available every year.)

Real  Agriculture Internships:  Work in the spring, summer, and fall at Real Food Rising focusing on the growing and distributing of food.  Experience gardening or farming required. (This internship position is available every year.)

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